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Gist: Jy Jinang – Dear Music Artistes , Wisdom is Key



Plateau State’s pro singer and sound engineer, Jy Jinang. Today in a facebook post, points out that upcoming artistes should focus more on

building a strong brand for themselves, before thinking of monetizing their music.

this depicts the character of some up and coming artiste who are not even well known in their own local provinces but are always eager to put their songs on paid music stores like Apple Music , Deezer , Soundcloud etc.

well Jy Jinang took his time to write out about the importance of building yourself as an upcoming artist before monetizing your music.

wisdom is key to building a strong brand

Dear artistes/musician.Wisdom is key.

This has been some few years boiling in me, I think saying it out here would help a lot.

Listen, Whether you’re 30 years old doing music and you’re not famous, you’re not actually an upcoming artiste to yourself, but still an upcoming artiste to the world.

Believe or leave it, no one knows you. Not all your family members are even aware of you as a musician, they don’t even know if you sings only few knows yet, your aim is how to sell your music online instead, why not use that same energy, money and time to build yourself first?

Make the name, be famous at least and be well known. Let people trust your product. You don’t wanna drop your songs for free so people will get to know about you and pick interest first.

For your information, people value their money they buy what satisfies them in one way or the other. How many people buys stuff online especially in the part of the country we are here?

The question here is that, what are they buying, Who knows you, Who values what you do, and How many people are eager to hear you? You yourself you’re not that too sure of your music by yourself, yet your aim is to sell it online. Mind you, even those who are popular and well known are still busy sharing it free. You think they’re mad or senseless? Na you love money pass abi?Well let me stop here. Take a step today, aim at making it right.

Take your time to do it well, give us the good music when we pick interest and value what you carry, then we can stream in to search for your name and buy with money cos we love our money and love doing important things with it. Good day, guys. I love you.

We hope these upcoming artiste take hint from Jy Jinang and actually work on their selves first.

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