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Importance of Going To a Show With Bodyguards ( For Upcoming Artists)



Bodyguards play important roles that most Upcoming artists always  overlook. If you think bodyguards are for blown artists then you need to read this.

Hiring bouncers /body guard to follow you to a show is tactical way of boosting your self worth and increasing people’s  general perception as an artists.

If you frequently show up to shows with bouncers, You’ll command huge  attention and fans will regard you as a blown artists. Once that is done, your value will automatically increase and people will treat you with respect.  It will be hard for show organizers not to pay you for a  show !

Davido with bodyguard

Most artists don’t understand that the Entertainment industry has to do with a lot of tricks and corny ways to get what you want and that’s why this idea will sound ridiculous to some artists here.

But the truth is, it does work and we personally know popular Jos artists using this method. Some will say the cost of hiring bouncers is high, bla bla bla bla but you won’t look at that if indeed you’re a serious artist.

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Moreover, how much does it cost to hire a bouncer for say an hour ? We were talking with one of our “muscle friend;” and he said it’ll cost 3 – 5 to hire 1 huge guy as a bouncer for an hour or two depending on the time, event and proximity.

Another one who works with the vigilante group said it’ll cost  N5k to hire 1 officer as a bodyguard for an hour or two.

Our police friend, said it’ll cost 10 – 20k to get a police officer assigned to guard you for an hour or two. However, the price depends on the rank of the officers and also time and event.

So with as little as N3k you can get a huge bouncer to accompany you to a show; and trust us, you’ll definitely feel good about the idea . .

Lastly, as an artists, you most be willing to  invest on your self  before others will.  We wish you good luck.

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