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Meet Haddy Rappia – The Female Hausa Rapper Who Has Beaten The ‘Status quo’ In The North



In the last decade, the Nigerian music space has witness a lot of female Mc’s who have strived to be recognized in this male dominated industry and even though some eventually got the due recognition , others just faded away.

This is not surprising, giving the situation and the challenges set in the path of ambitious women who just want to express themselves and pursue their career in music.

Haddy Rappia
Haddy Rappia

well, Haddy Rappia is one of those few female rappers who has risen to stardom; against all odds and has created a name for her self in the northern Music industry.

the ”Boss lady” crooner is popularly known for her versatile flows; and confident rap style that matches that of American rapper Nicki Minaj.

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Coming from the conservative Northern Nigeria; as a female and pursuing a career in hip hop music is a struggle that only Haddy Rappia can explain. She has risen to beat the status qou and courageously chased after what she loves doing.

Haddy Rappia
Haddy Rappia

Again, we do know that women in the music industry; are usually hypersexualised or expected to look ”sexy” by exposing their bodies. But the opposite can be said about Haddy Rappia

who despised being a rapper, still holds to her religious and cultural values; as she always appears to be well covered and disciplined.

Its only a matter of time before the world will discover this amazing artists so keep watching out for Haddy Rappia

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