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Morethan A Decade Later – KannyWood Actress Saratu Gidado Still Sparkles Like A Gem [See Pictures]



Saratu Daso
Picture of Saratu Gidado

Saratu Gidado is without doubt, one of the best Kannywood film actress; reasons attributes to her unmatched acting talents and her personality.

the 52 year old who is popularly known as Daso, has graced our TV Screens for over a decade, since she made her first debute in the year 2000. In a movie titled Linzami Da Wuta.

Saratu Gidado

Saratu Daso

Daso, is known for the role she always plays as an aggressive and mischievous actress; who defied all odds to rise to stardom.

If you watch Kannywood movies then you’ll know what Saratu Gidado is all about.

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Her funny and troublesome character in movies, has kept us well entertained for a long time.

After all those good years, Saratu Gidado AKA Daso, has continued to look as fresh as Gem who is shining her lights  wherever she goes.

Saratu Gidado

Saratu Gidado

Daso is now a founder of her own entertainment company. ( Daso Entertainment Limited) and has also been involved in political and humanitarian activities in Northern Nigeria.

with almost a million followers on her Instagram page, no one can deny the fact that she’s indeed an amazing person and an icon in the eyes of many people; majority of which are Kannywood fans in and around Nigeria.

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1 Comment

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