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Northern Killings: Are The Nothern Celebrities Cowards ?



Nothern Celebrities Are Doing Nothing

Nothern Killings: Are The Nothern Celebrities Cowards?

It is no longer news that Nigeria is in the process of reformation.

Recently, many Youths storm various location to protest the devastating and inhumane acts of the Special Anti Robbery Squad, other wise known as SARS.

Using the Hashtag #EndSARS, This protest  has been trending for days and it has gotten worldwide attention.

With top American celebrities like Trey songs, Big Sean, Kanye West etc joining in the protest online.

Nothern Celebrities Are Doing Nothing

Nothern Celebrities Are Doing Nothing

We’ve also seen some of our brave Nigerian celebrities, taking up the streets as they lead the protest in various parts of the country.

While this is commendable, the actions of our top Nothern Celebrities is not.

The North has also been suffering from Terrorism, Killings and Banditry among many other social loopholes.

Even though many people have been protesting online with popular hashtag #EndNorthBanditryNow and #EndBokoharamAndNorthBanditry, we have not seen a major change.


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Infact, People are still getting killed in Kaduna, Plateau, Maiduguri and some other Northern States.

Morell, Classiq, BOC, Dezell, DJ Ab, Kheengz etc are Icons in the North, Dauda Rararara has connections to top politicians including President Muhammadu Buhari, but what have they done ?

Nothern Celebrities Are Doing Nothing

Not doubting the fact that some of our so called northern celebrities have shown concerns about the problem, but the north needs more than just tweets and hashtags.

Let them also take up the streets like their fellow celebrities in the South, let them use their platforms to propagate change and fight against these loopholes in the North.

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