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Notorious Abuja Kidnapper gets Abducted by Another Kidnapper- Read More



Notorious Abuja kidnapper pays N1.5m ransom to regain freedom after being abducted by another kidnapper

Mohammed Amodu, a kidnapper who’s famous for his nefarious activities in Abuja environs, was kidnapped by another kidnapper, Buba Babu, 35, and had to pay N1,555,000 for his freedom.

Force Public Relations Officer, CP Frank Mba, disclosed this while parading both kidnappers alongside other criminals in Abuja on Monday, January 11.

Babu took Amodu into custody and when the abducted kidnapper hesitated to pay, he was shot in the arm. Mba said Amodu had boasted he had charms and could not be shot. Babu shot him to show how serious he was.

Amodu confessed there was a time his gang kidnapped 20 victims at a time and he had saved up to N15 million from his nefarious activities. He added that he witnessed an operation where Buba kidnapped 55 persons from a luxurious bus at a time.

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