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PitchPerfectNaija: House Mates Who Will Likely Win [Predictions]



After an exciting two weeks of nonstop Entertainment, the Pitch Perfect Naija season 1 will come to and end on sunday 21st – 03 – 2021. The drama, Eviction tentions and house games shall all be cut short on our TV screens as the show riches its grand finale.

The one question on everyone’s lips is WHO WILL TAKE THE CROWN ?

Indeed, it was a very competitive show and only one lucky house mate will get to walk away with a mouth watering price of N1.5 million; a record deal and a chance to share a song with Nigerian star Ycee.

we’ve decided to make a critical research and have concluded in our predictions that one among the two house mates below might win.

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Jayplus and Aimah

Jayplus and Aimah have been one of the strongest house mates in the show right from the onset.

Recall that Aimah started trending after she declared herself a virgin and the whole King V.I Saga, well that definitely earned her some recognition. The 21-year-old played her cards right and with surpport of a strong fan base, she was able to escape every Eviction.

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Jayplus is also one corny and smart person with huge personality that everyone ignored at first but turned out to be the most strongest house mate in terms of voting statistics. He also manoeuvred through the show and played the game right and safe. It won’t be a surprise if he wins.

Prove that Jayplus or Aimah might win ?

Our predictions are driven from the voting statistics since that’s the only deciding factor on who gets to stay or leave the house. Check below and study how fans voted.


the first Eviction saw Jayne Jatson and Badi out of the house. Jayplus wasn’t up for Evictions but check out Aimah’s votes ! She got the highest ranking and escaped Eviction effortlessly.


Jayplus along side Veenah, Iceqid, Jennifer and Mint were up for Evictions and as you can see; Jayplus had the second highest votes with 23% after Jennifer who had 26%. Mint Veenah and Iceqid were evicted due to low votes.


The third Eviction had all the remaining house mates up for Evictions; the voting statistics shows the top three contestants. Jayplus emerged with the highest votes 23.9%, followed by Napsy 18.9% and Aimah 17.8%. Kim Kido, Celebrant and king VI were evicted leaving the remaining six house mates who will reach the finals.

It all goes down to the finale on sunday, Jayplus and Aimah are the strongest; contenders one of them might take the Crown home, though anything can happen!! So keep voting for your favorite house Mates.

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