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Selina Tested Hits New Milestone On YouTube — Read More



Selina Tested, Nigerian blooming YouTube series has made a huge success just months after its debut in the Nigerian media space.

The trending series which has manage to attract a lot of fans across the country and beyond, has reached a total of  100,000 subscribers on YouTube.

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This is a milestone achievement for lightweight Entertainment and the entire crew of the series. Emanuel David Oyoyo also known as R2 ( Intel Chief) took to his Facebook page to share the news. Showing appreciation to fans and supporters.

Selina Tested YouTube Award

What Is Selina Tested?

Selina Tested is a popular Nigerian YouTube series by lightweight Entertainment which portrays street life and struggles for power and dominance by rival cult groups.  The series is well known for their usage of street slangs called “Capping” with trace of origin from Porthhacourt, in River State , Nigeria.


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