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The Pills Every Nigerian Needs To Take Before Becoming Successful (Opinion)



Living in Nigeria comes with many challenges from Poverty, Corruption, Lack of social amenities e.g. power supply, running tap water, good road networks etc. Even though not all part of the country goes through same problems, you can’t just escape certain common “Wahala” in Nigeria except you don’t live in this country.

When I say pills, I don’t mean the actual pills of medicine you know, I mean certain qualities or beneficial characters you need to develop if you want to live happily in Nigeria. Below are my humble opinions on those characters one needs to develop.

1. Patience: Many Nigerians are in a hurry to make it in life without considering the fact that every body has his/her own time to “blow” as we call it. That is why we have internet fraudsters “Yahoo boys who are out there to scam people off their hard-earned money. In the part of the girls, we have the “Runs girls prostitutes in disguise who just want to live the good life by jumping from one rich man to another. 

If, you want to succeed in Nigeria, you must be patient enough and work hard towards developing your business. 

2. Tolerance : You will need tolerance a lot in this country where many people behave like mad men. Especially if you live in a city like Lagos, traffic jam alone can make you lose your mind and if you are not tolerant enough, chances are you will get into many road rage when you drive. I’m sure some certain people know what I’m talking about here. 

Tolerance can also be useful in your job or place of work. Some bosses or the “Ogas” can be very mean and wicked, also some customers may be inconsiderate and rude. You must be willing to tolerate all this if truly you want to succeed in this economy. It’s not easy but always try to tolerate your boss and customers you might be surprise one day when tables will turn. 

3. Learn to use the power of money : I know some of you might be thinking about bribery but NO ! Stay away from bribery it’s a crime to engage in bribery but there’s a way you can use money to get what you want. They say Igbo people love money but the truth is, we all love money in Nigeria. No man or woman will say no to money unless you don’t give him the right amount. You can use this as an advantage. If you have money, learn to be kind to others around you or your boss in the office. Try to help people around you, buy gifts for people, if you travel to the village make sure to buy foodstuffs like palm oil, plantains and Ogbono then give them to your boss or colleagues at work. 

Believe me, when job promotion comes, you will be the first person your boss will think of before any other person.

If, you have Area Boys in your environment, learn to some times dash them money, it must not be a high amount, just N200, 500, N1000 depending on what you have. They will love you for this and I promise you, you don’t have to worry about being robbed or harassed when you come back late in the night and be assured that those thugs will stand with you when ever you need their help. This simple trick will open up unimaginable opportunities to you and I promise you one day you will reap the benefits of being kind money wise. 

4. Mind your business: Always try to focus on your self and leave other people’s business, “No go carry pesin headache 4 your head.” You don’t need to worry about things that don’t involve you, learn to mind your business and you will be happy in this country. 

5. Use your head : this is specially for people who are coming from the village in the name of hustling, you must be wise and vigilant if you want to make it in life, look out for scammers and try to think very well before taking any meaningful decisions in your life. When you do those things, you’ll be happy with the result of your decisions and you’ll have a happy life. 

This those are the pills I think every Nigerian needs to take in other to emerge glorious in this economy. You are welcome to add your contributions in the comment sections, thank you. 

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