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“They Called Him Monkey But i Love Him” – Mother Of Disabled Boy From Gambia



The pictures and story of this strange looking boy you are about to see were taken from a Facebook page named Gambia.

The page recently posted a video interview which they had with the mother of Eli, a boy who look and even behaves like a monkey in a village several kilometers away from the the capital city of Gambia

Unlike other kids, Eli was born with a very rare disability which made him look different from normal human beings.

His mother said, she was childless for many years after marriage because the children she gave birth to would always die prematurely and that Eli was the only one that survived.

Eli’s mother also expressed her pains and struggles of raising him in a poor village, full of bullies who would always chase after Eli and make him climb trees.

Even though he can hear and understand certain things, Eli doesn’t speak. ” He loves hiding in bushes, and eating fruits like a monkey” one of the Neighbors described Eli’s behaviours in the village.

For the fear of being bullied, Eli would always run off into the bush whenever he sees a crowd of people and sometimes, he doesn’t comes back until his mum heads out to look for him in the bush.

Eli’s mother was qouted saying in the interview ” the neighbours beat him and call him monkey but I love him because he is my son and he is a human being like everyone else

Eli might not have a normal look /features but if there’s one thing that he has, then its his mother’s unconditional love.

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