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This Is What A Goat Told Me About Id El Kabir (Fiction)



It was on a Saturday morning while I was doing my normal routine of jogging in the woods with my headphones plugged in. Just some few minutes into the woods I started hearing some strange footsteps approaching me, I immediately turn to check if there was anybody behind me but to my surprise, there was nobody coming. Few more minutes later I started hearing the footsteps running towards me so I decided to wait in a nearby bush and just as I was in hideout, I saw this little black goat running in the footpath. Out of relieve I exclaimed and said to my self, ” ah so it’s just a goat”

To my greatest surprise, the goat stop after hearing my voice and stared at me for some minutes before I heard the sound that made me lost my senses for some minutes. Shockingly the goat opened up its mouth and the next thing I heard was ” Good morning bros, how you dey” I was confused and disordered trying to figure out what just happened and then the goat moved closer to me and said ” I know you are shocked to hear me speak, but you should understand that we animals can speak, just that we don’t want to show it to your kinds” I was so shocked but I gathered courage and ask him what he wanted from me, and he told me this…

” I don’t know why your people like using my kind as meat in every occasion, being it cultural, religious or recreation they all use me. Sallah is coming and even though they are going to use the albino of my kind i.e. the rams, your people will still use me. please and please we are tired of running, it’s high time human beings know that we also have feelings and emotions, we have families ”

I then told the goat to calm down and that I know a great platform where I can share the story and that’s how we went on our different paths.

Happy Id El Kabir in advance ! 

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