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Why young writers face depression and how to overcome it



Writer’s depression


Depression can be define as sad feelings from gloom and inadequacy. This sad feelings come from those things we love doing or addicted to. It could be from heartbreaks, lost of love ones, lost of a cherish relationship and so on.

Years ago, I’ve thought depression come when a boy and a girl who happens to be in love got separated leads to depression. I was wrong. A lot of things breed sadness and my focus is on writers today.

Writing is gift to few. Anyhow person cannot be a writer yet, many writers today want to beat each other.


I remember a guy I once ran into in a competition years ago. He past away a year ago. I’m not here to talk about him. It was depression.
Writers take their lives because;

  1. • They fail during competitions.
  2. • get turn down by bloggers and editors.
  3. • some often have little comments, likes and recognition.
  4. • not been appreciated And many more others.

The world is developing and as such competitions have been going on to test the ability of the young writers. A lot of people have been going into writing and need to be known. For this reason, writer take part in the competition and if they got evicted. Their lives become shatter and if care is not taken, depression strike in.


Low comments, likes and recognition is killing writer’s Joy. Young writers today except people to comment on their posts to prove to the world they’re indeed a writer. Some get discourage when they keep on getting low likes and hype from people especially on social media.

Nothing kill like when you got turn down by someone. Same goes with writers. When his/her work is been turned down by a blogger or editor, it kill the dream of becoming a writer and the sad feelings will come in.

Not been appreciated. Writers expected to be appreciated and cheer up for their write ups. When nothing is done to prove to them how marvelous the work is, they feel bad. And pick offense which will result to gloomy day.

I can narrate how sad it is to be turned down especially when you have put in everything to make the write up unique. Young writers are not capable of facing the shame when their work is being rejected.

How do we tackle this depression among writers?

• It is not easy to get inspiration and put down something on paper. Writers should be recognize in the society especially if the person is striving to come out. They should be put through than neglected.

• They should be appreciated no matter what. At least even if it should be a monthly subscription of data to prices. It will light up their sad feelings than left with nothing. It is not easy to get courage and be discourage again for not winning.

• Loosing a competition does not mean they should be left with mock and deaf ears. Writers need words of encouragement and support.

• when you come across a writer with jargons. Correct them than turning them down and refusing to edit their work.

Before accepting to be a writer, you most also accept to win and loose, face rejected and shame too. If not, you quit writing career.

Aside reasons why depression get into writer’s mind is what they write about. Someone that write depression stories and dark mood poems and prose is likely to be involved because writers write what they think and feel about.

Another thing is, know what you read. Many readers today read sad books and how suicide become the solution to depression. When you are sad, don’t read dark books neither write depress words instead, get ride of it.

Lastly, when depression strike, run to God. Suicide is not an option!

Dealing with depression


• It is not easy to get inspiration and put down something on paper. Writers should be recognized in the society, especially if the person is striving to come out. They should be helped in areas of their weaknesses rather than being neglected.

• They should be appreciated, whatever the cost. a monthly subscription of data to help them make researches on writing, could give them great courage. it’s enough discouragement when you can’t make it in a competition.

• Loosing a competition does not mean they are failures or that they will never make it.
So don’t tag them ‘ failures’. give them every reason to be better.

• when you come across a writer with so many errors, learn to patiently Correct them instead of turning them down and refusing to help them.


Before accepting to be a writer, you must accept to win and loose; you must be ready to face rejection and shame too, otherwise,you might quit your writing career even before you begin.

The good great book clearly tells us to ‘guide our hearts with all deligence, for out of it are the issues of life’
As a writer, guide what you read, when you do, you guide what you think and what you write.Remember that you become what you write in no distant time. if you are used to reading horrors, your mind Will produce horrors. The mind only produces what it has been fed with. so feed your mind with the right things.

To wrap it all up, learn to run to God when depression sets in. Suicide is not an option!

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