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Strange Cloud Showing Map Of Nigeria Appears In Jos ( See Pictures)



This strange cloud appeared in Jos this evening and it has been the talk of the town as many people took to their social media to share a picture of it.

The strange cloud which can be seen from various locations in Jos is shaped like the Nigerian map; with a Perfect illumination from the sun.

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Strange cloud in Jos

What’s more strange about this cloud; is the fact that no other clouds can be seen around and the sun seem to be focus on it. This occurrence has raised speculations and all sorts of phenomenal believes.

Some people believe it to be a sign from God assuring the Plateau people and Nigerians that everything will be okay. While some believe God is trying to let us know that he is with us.

Whatever the case, the cloud went out after few minutes, giving way for the sun set and beautiful night sky.

What do you think about this? Do you believe it’s a Massage from God or just a coincidence?

Write your comments in the comments section below!

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